At Surf, we take parent sideline conduct very seriously. We set high standards for our club, and as a parent, player, or fan, you represent our high standards, and we are very proud of that.

Because of the referee shortage, we need to manage our sideline behavior better than ever. And over the last few weeks, we have felt the need to re-state our club policies and want to remind our membership of what it means to represent Surf. As we go into another weekend, we wanted to remind our families of these policies and provide additional information to help guide you as you watch games involving your child.

Surf Has 3 Simple (But Mandatory) Sideline Behavior Requirements For Game Day:

  • There should not be any parent coaching from the sideline during a game, in any capacity.
  • Surf parents should not get involved in any verbal or physical confrontations with opposing parents or Surf team parents on the sidelines or in the proximity of any game.
  • Surf parents should not have any dialogue with or be confrontational in any capacity, towards any referees or officials involved in the game.

Surf takes this issue very seriously and will not tolerate a breach of any of these requirements. So much so that in 2019 we implemented our own code of conduct and sanctions should a parent not adhere to these requirements. Based on this, if any Surf parent is asked to leave the field / ejected (by the game referee or officials), they will serve A 2 GAME BAN from their child’s next two games. The club will impose this in addition to the sanctions from the respective gaming league.

Please note, we have very few incidents of this nature at Surf, and we are proud of the general conduct of our parent sidelines. However, there are occasional incidents involving Surf parents and family members that reflect poorly on the club and our standards. Please understand that we have a “zero-tolerance” policy for sideline behavior that results in an ejection.

We know and recognize that a very high percentage of our parents are impeccably behaved on the sidelines and represent the club superbly well. We thank you all in advance for your cooperation in these matters as we move through this season.

Thank you,

Team Surf