SCOUTINGZONE® is a cutting-edge mobile app that is changing the recruiting game for soccer tournaments, scouts, and players. The innovation that our tools provide takes scouting to new levels, making it easier and more efficient than ever before by streamlining the on-site scouting experience at tournaments and showcase events. SCOUTINGZONE® provides a comprehensive, “virtual” database of player profiles where both soccer scouts and athletes will maximize their opportunities to find the perfect match.

SCOUTINGZONE® gives players greater visibility among scouts and allows them to update their profiles to maximize exposure with photos and links to highlight videos. Players can create a Top 10 College list that alerts scouts of player matches for their program, increasing the opportunity for recruitment. In addition to streamlining the process for tournaments, scouts and players, SCOUTINGZONE® eliminates the time and costs associated with printing player profile booklets—all while making the experience environmentally-friendly.

  • Scouts have real-time access to detailed player information including personal, academic & athletic data
  • Scouts interested in specific players can easily customize their schedules to ensure they don’t miss their games
  • More real-time player information supplied to scouts, better player visibility to scouts, more opportunity for players to be recruited
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Free for all players!

About ScoutingZone

Founders of SCOUTINGZONE® Tara Parker and Brooke Oxberry both grew up playing soccer, which instilled in them a thriving passion for the sport. Growing up in San Diego, they played together for Torrey Pines High School and San Diego Surf Soccer Club, which gave them a strong understanding of not only the sport, but the tournament system as well. Coming from sports-oriented families— Brooke’s father is a radio sports broadcaster for the San Diego Padres and Tara’s was a professional baseball player— they also gained enthusiasm for all sports and a comprehensive knowledge of the recruiting process for athletes and scouts.

During their college careers, Tara and Brooke played Divison 1 soccer at The University of the Pacific, where they were inducted into the University’s Hall of Fame along with their 1998 teammates. After graduation, they both pursued and excelled in careers in the medical business field but always remained connected to soccer.

Both women are dedicated to giving back to the sport that gave them so much during their youth and college careers. While coaching for a youth soccer club in Los Angeles and attending various tournaments, Tara realized that the recruiting process hadn’t evolved much since her years of play as a youth and much change was needed to make the process more efficient. She and Brooke brainstormed about how to fulfill this need and SCOUTINGZONE® was born.

Tara are Brooke are very passionate about this revolutionary platform that they have designed to help streamline the recruiting process for scouts at tournaments and showcase events, and in turn, provide players the opportunity for greater exposure.