Thank YOU for joining us at our Surf Holiday Party Fundraiser!

Thank you for celebrating our very special Surf Community this past Friday. Thank you for believing in our opportunity to support kids who want to develop and chase their dreams. Thank you for believing in us to carry out our mission of creating the Best Experiences and Opportunities.

Your financial support makes a difference. We will commit the expertise, the team of coaches, the recipe for success honed over 47 years, and this amazing sports complex…but your funds are the critical component to make it all possible.
Together, we can be a force of good for these young people. Together, we can truly change lives.

Thank you,
Team Surf

2023 Holiday Party Gallery

Thank You To Our Sponsor

Proceeds benefit Our San Diego Surf Soccer Club’s, Scholarship Fund.

Surf is a mission-driven organization, and our mission is to create the best experiences and opportunities for all of our kids. This is what we do every single day.  Our Surf Scholarship Fund is all about getting access for every kid to our mission and making sure every deserving kid has the opportunity to be part of Surf.  These are kids who want to live out their dreams, who have tons of opportunities in front of them, and just may need a slight push to get there. Our entire staff is dedicated to helping kids achieve their dreams, which is why we will never waiver from our dedication.