We are very pleased with this first year of participation in the WPSL (Women’s Premier Soccer League). Besides the good performances and results, the biggest takeaways from us in year 1 are that this program provides our selected Surf alumni an excellent opportunity to return and get quality training and games during their summer college break.

Also, WPSL games provide our National Team Path club players an opportunity to play high-level games against older college players, and the games can be used for younger Surf players to witness our club game model being played at a high level and develop those very important ‘mirror neurons’ that will be integral to their future growth We truly believe that having our WPSL team reaffirms our club leadership commitment to doing the right thing and investing in non-tangible added value to our membership.

2024 will be an even better year, and Surf hopes to challenge the Conference Championship and qualify for the Regional event. Huge thank you to our WPSL team sponsor, Honey Stinger, for supporting this program and commitment to Surf’s vision and to all our fans and spectators who showed up to a few of our home games and supported our team!