San Diego Surf Soccer Club is proud to announce the following Zone One players who were promoted to the next teams in their age groups through hard work and a fantastic season. Surf’s Zone One Boys coaching staff is committed and focused on pushing players to the next teams in their age groups to continue to challenge them further build a culture of developing from within our teams. Great job players and coaches!

“This is a huge success for our zone one program, as we pride ourselves in the development of our players within our younger program at the club. Nothing gives us more satisfaction than developing and then promoting players to the next level, it’s what we are good at,” said Billy Garton, Director Zone One Boys.





Players listed above are:

Harish Sutharson: 2013 Academy II to Academy
Grady Mollo: 2012 Academy to Select
Grayson Schwartzberg: 2012Academy to Select

Isaac Torres: 2012 Academy II to Academyt
James Topp: 2011 Academy to Select
Wyatt Zisook: 2011 Academy to Select

Owen Beierschmitt: 2011 Academy II to Academy
Jordan Cannon: 2011 Academy II to Academy
Mateo Lupatia: 2011 Academy II to Academy

Xander Guy: 2009 Academy to Select
Lucas Ham: 2009 Academy to Select
Gustav Westlake. 2009 Academy to Select

We are #SurfPROUD of our players listed above. The dedication and passion from players & families continue to fuel our coaches and create the most incredible opportunities and experiences for our kids!