These are the moments we celebrate as a community. These are the moments where we pause to admire the hours of training, the dedication to their craft, the commitment to their goal.  These are the moments when we look at the kids who’ve grown up within our club and we smile and we say “WAY TO GO!”

These moments are what Surf is all about.  These moments perfectly capture our Mission to Create the Best of the Best Experiences and Opportunities for kids.

Today we officially congratulate 26 San Diego Surf athletes and 46 other Surf athletes across the country as they sign their National Letters of Intent.  This total of 72 athletes makes Surf the #1 brand in the US for developing college players and helping them pursue their dreams.  We could not be more proud and excited for these kids.

There will be more major college commitments to come as this is only the first of two National Signing Day’s for Soccer.  However, please take the time to celebrate and congratulate these kids on pursuing the next step of their athletic dream.  #SurfProud #WeAreSurf