Surf Challenge Weekend did not disappoint, our Surf teams came out to PLAY! Our teams came out and fought hard, we even had a Surf vs Surf final (both teams coached by Louis Hunt) in the Girls ’06 bracket which yielded the most amazing game and an even better display of sportsmanship.

Thank YOU for being a part of our event! Our goal is to provide the BEST OF THE BEST opportunities and experiences for these kids, we love doing it and can’t wait for next year! And a HUGE congrats to the following teams on their #SurfChallenge CHAMPIONSHIP and FINALIST titles!

Surf Team Results:

Boys Teams:

  • 2008 Boys Champions:  ’08 Academy  (Coach Scott Morrison )
  • 2010 Boys Champions:  ’10 Academy Select (Coach Keith Miller)

Girls Teams:

  • 2006 Girls Champions:  ’06 DA  (Coach Louis Hunt)
  • 2006 Girls Finalists:  ’06 DPL  (Coach Louis Hunt)
  • 2007 Champions: ’07 DPL  (Coach Craig Barclay)
  • 2008 Champions: ’08 Academy Select (Coach Craig Barclay)
  • 2009 Girls Finalists: ’09 Academy Select (Coach Craig Barclay)