Surf Cup is the proving grounds for The BEST OF THE BEST with thousands of players traveling from all over the U.S. to compete at our home fields, fortunately were are able to wake up for Surf Cup and play in our own backyard.

Surf Sports has set the bar when it comes to hosting premier tournaments. We had 938 teams (yup, you read that right) over the 2 weekends. We played 1117 games youngers weekend and 817 games olders weekend for a total of – 1934 games!

College Coach attendance for olders weekend was ALL TIME with college coach attendance hitting record numbers: 228 BOYS college coaches and over 400 GIRL college coaches. With these stats, Surf Cup continues to be a dominant tournament for college recruitment.

Thank YOU for being a part of our event! Our goal is to provide the BEST OF THE BEST opportunities and experiences for these kids, we love doing it and can’t wait for next year! And a HUGE congrats to the following teams on their  #SurfCup2019 CHAMPIONSHIP and FINALIST titles!

Surf Team Results:

Boys Teams:

  • Boys U19 Black Finalists:  ’01/’02 NPL  (Coach Oliver Petersen)
  • Boys U17 Best of the Best Finalists :  ’03/04 DA Boys  (Coach Evan Fuhs)
  • Boys U13 Best of the Best Champions:  ’07  DA (Coach Steve Hill) * This team went undefeated 10 goals for and 0 against during the entire tournament
  • Boys U12 Best of the Best Finalists:   ’08 Academy Select (Coach Rob Rogers)
  • Boys U11 Best of the Best Finalists:  ’09 Academy Select (Coach Keith Miller)
  • Boys U8 Black Finalists: ’12  Select (Coach Keith Whitmer)

Girls Teams:

  • Girls U17 Best of the Best Finalists: ’03 DA  (Coach Kate Norton)
  • Girls U13 Best of the Best Champions: ’07 DPL  (Coach Craig Barclay)
  • Girls U12 Best of the Best Finalists:  ’08 Academy Select (Coach Craig Barclay)