As San Diego County has progressed off the state’s watch list for the fifth straight week, we continue to remain hopeful that our return to gameplay is nearing. But San Diego Surf Soccer Club has never been one to sit idly by waiting and hoping, and in true Surf fashion, we have been relentless in our drive to push youth sports to the next phase. Ultimately, we have taken the lead for our county’s youth sports & soccer organizations in the goal of getting our kids back on the fields while trying to push the conversation with our county and state officials.

We have been in regular contact with our city, county, and state officials to reassure them that we are armed with the correct safety protocols and have redesigned the layout and schedules for our training and events based on Return to Play protocols. We published a Youth Sports COVID Safety Whitepaper detailing COVID transmission rates based on players returning to social-distancing training sessions, we’ve launched the Kids1st campaign and petition, that now has over 10,000 signatures, and we’ve been on 5 networks and multiple media outlets, to give our kids a voice & get them back on the field!

We know the time to play games is on the horizon and we are doing everything we can to get there quickly and safely.  We should all be proud that Surf is taking the lead to help make this happen. Thank you again for your support and patience, look forward to seeing all of you at the field!

As always,

Go Surf!