Congratulations to Nicholas Soriano, the grand prize winner of the 2017 Surf SC Car Raffle. Nicholas is the uncle of Aaron Soriano who plays on the 2003 Boys USSDA team with Josh Henderson. Nicholas was not there but his brother and nephew were and they were thrilled to take a picture in front of the new car! Nicholas could not believe he won!

Congratulations to the other winners!

Our 10 top sellers who will receive a pair of brand new Nike cleats:
Hans Zwerenz/ 2006 Boys USSDA – 95 tickets sold
Wes Jackson/ 2004 Boys USSDA – 92 tickets sold
Cameron Brown/ 2004 Boys USSDA – 44 tickets sold
Emma Pidding/ 2004 Girls USSDA – 40 tickets sold
Vincenzo Vitale/ 2009 Boys Nelson – 33 tickets sold
Aiden Tassviri/ 2010 Boys Nelson – 31 tickets sold
Justin Rosales / 2005 Boys Giulio – 30 tickets sold
Jacob Zapien/ 2005 Boys USSDA – 29 tickets sold
Madison Lim/ 2001 Girls Select – 27 tickets sold
Brooke Wilson/ 1999/2000 Girls USSDA – 24 tickets sold

The team that sold the most tickets:
2004 Boys USSDA team (Benoit David) sold 240 tickets bringing in $6,000 to the fundraiser. The entire team will receive personalized Nike training jackets.

One thousand dollars towards next year’s tuition:
The family of Charlie Jackson

The fundraiser ended up generating $85,625 in ticket sales! To all who participated, thank you for your continued support.

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